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‘Strategic Security & Risk Management for resilient organizations.’

We are a European consultancy, based in Brussels, offering confidential strategic security solutions. Our clients enjoy custom tailored solutions, implemented in an agile manner, with scalability and resilience built-in, safeguarding lives, assets, and deliverables.

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Organizations are based on strategies. The capability of implementing or timely amending these strategies is an existential matter of security. This very concept forms the core of the BANTS Consulting strategy. We offer our clients with custom strategic security solutions, enabling our clients to access the specific services, products, and expertise they require, tailored to their needs.


We provide our clients with insights into open-source information through the proper tools and skills to produce valuable intelligence.

Research Projects

We provide our clients with the capability of in-depth and thematic research and investigations to make informed decisions.

Business Intelligence

Specialized in monitoring potentially disruptive behavior by competitors, criminals and/or activists on the deep- and darkweb, we ensure peace of mind throughout the deployment of your activities worldwide.


Our operations are grounded in three core values: Agility, Scalability, and Reliability – giving organizations the capability to identify, deter, and manage risks with peace of mind.


Our operation prioritizes agility as a core capability. We can swiftly build responses and adapt to changing priorities. The solutions we provide deliver the responsiveness needed to counter rapidly emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Through Agile techniques, we provide cost effectiveness and operational responsiveness.


Built into the fabric of our operations, our operation's scalability allows us to respond to client needs from event to enterprise level. We rely on a digital environment empowering a distributed, highly mobile network of professionals assembled according to engagement requirements and scope.


Transparency, accountability, and confidentiality form the basis of our work. We engage in relationships based on trust and common values, delivering reliable, long-term partnerships. Our reliability ensures compliance with regulatory and organizational standards.


We specialize in the Collection, Analysis and Reporting of intelligence, critical to an organization’s sustainability, prosperity and resilience, in the face of emerging threats and increasing vulnerabilities.


Our engagements, as our solutions, are based on confidence, confidentiality and trust. Our global network of subject-matter experts and talent is composed of individuals who are highly reputable in their fields and have reliably managed classified, mission critical operations over the years and under diverse conditions. In addition to handling information on a need-to-know basis, the tools and methodology of our work adhere to stringent security and confidentiality guidelines.


Conflict, instability, and lack of predictability are increasingly threatening organizations, globally. Organizations need access to facts, data-driven forecast, and a flexible arsenal of resources to succeed. We co-create tailored security solutions with our clients through our capability toolkit.

After careful assessment of the individual needs of our client and jointly deciding on a way forward, we tap into our global network of partners, supported by access to real-time data, enabling allows us to deliver excellence with surgical precision.

This distributed, highly mobile network of professionals employs agile work process in a horizontal, function-based structure. A single point of contact, best suited for the task, is assigned to the client to provide one readily accessible interface to the myriad of tools and resources made available by BANTS in meeting client needs.


Contact us to discuss how we can support your organization in reinforcing strategic security and managing risks. We will assign a focal point to you and respond for an initial consultation within 48 hours.

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