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The amount of data available in the public domain is overwhelming, be it satellite imagery, social media, or deep web content. With proper skills and tools, this mostly unstructured data can become a valuable source of intelligence, used by organizations to navigate obscure terrain.


OSINT is the collection and analysis of data gathered from overt and publicly available sources- including media, Internet, deep web, commercial, and academic literature- to create tailored insight, in support of timely and effective decision making. Analyzed by our experts in a local, real-life context, we enable our clients to respond and deal with emerging threats in a systematic manner.


In today’s volatile business environment, it is crucial to be aware of critical events, trends, and ever-changing material risk that raise risk exposure for organizations and their staff. When used in conjunction with other types of intelligence, Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) can augment situational awareness and provide a holistic view of the threat landscape at hand. This enables decision makers – armed with complete, timely and actionable insight – to quickly respond to and mitigate emerging risk.


By combining OSINT with localized knowledge and subject-matter expertise, BANTS OSINT solutions ensure organizational success and resilience. As such, although OSINT is the major generator of foundational intelligence in intelligence services worldwide and often carries a militaristic stigma, it can also be applied in different sectors, including activities such as due diligence, journalistic investigations, or economic intelligence. Over time, a basic knowledge of OSINT techniques can be reinforced by more advanced knowledge of technical skills such as web scraping, artificial intelligence or social engineering in order to reinforce the skillset and resilience of your workforce and/or organization.


Not only must intelligence be collected, it has to be actionable easily and rapidly. Insight gained from OSINT has to meet the specific scope and requirements of the individual client. BANTS OSINT Investigations employ passive & active monitoring tools and analysis of obscured, off or on-line data in a compliant, cost-effective manner. Utilizing industry-leading tools and techniques, we put at the disposal of our clients the capability of utilizing open-source information to produce OSINT, allowing evidence-based decision making with real-time data.

Turning raw data into actionable insight is all about context. Location awareness, including language and local presence, enables BANTS to deliver operational solutions that are specific and custom fit to task. BANTS OSINT Investigations are tailored to each individual situation studied. We deliver in the exact scopes, frequencies, and forms required to ensure optimal access to accurate, timely, and actionable intelligence.


At BANTS, we value sustainability and continuity. Whilst we offer advanced real-time OSINT solutions for complex operations, we also take pride in supporting our clients in gaining the capabilities necessary to employ OSINT within their organizations. 

We employ a modular and custom approach to OSINT capacity-building, with a plug-and-play functionality. Whether it is the temporary augmentation of BANTS experts in client teams, or the provision of training activities specific to client needs, we take pride in the empowerment of our clients through systematic skill transfer. Capacity-building programs we provide on OSINT include modules on data management and analysis, researching individuals or corporate targets, and SOCMINT (social media intelligence) or GEOINT (geospatial intelligence) tools and techniques, among others.


Contact us to discuss how we can support your organization in reinforcing strategic security and managing risks. We will assign a focal point to you and respond for an initial consultation within 48 hours.

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